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Blackwall Yard

Project Description:


Blackwall Yard is a large-scale mixed use (primarily residential) development on a vacant plot of land adjacent to the Thomson Reuters building.

The current site is an open space which consists of the historic Graving Dock and a car park. The development will occupy a large area to the north but retains substantial outdoor space to provide an attractive and enjoyable public realm incorporating the Graving Dock as the centre piece.

The project is made up of 4 distinct blocks with a central hub. Around this central hub are numerous blocks and towers ranging in height up to 39 stories.

Hadley property Group plan to design the scheme to deliver:

A new high-quality mixed-use destination.

A new centre and focal point for the immediate surrounding district and community.

898 new homes including 35% affordable, cafés, restaurants, retail and commercial space.

Potential for a new two-form primary state school is also included.

The project is situated on the north bank of the Thames between the river and Blackwall Way.


Key Challenges:

  • High Rise construction

  • Multiple Phases

  • Riverside construction

  • Façade access and maintenance


Should you wish to know more about our role on Residential projects, please contact

iM2 Role: Principal Designer Advisor

Project Team:

Glenn Howells

Panter Hudspith

Buro Happold

Thornton Tomasetti

Sector: Residential

Start Date: March 2019

Completion: September 2020

Value: (£) Undisclosed

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