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Battersea Power Station Development Energy Centre

Project Description:


Situated between the River Thames and the Power Station Building the Main Energy Centre (MEC) has been designed to house all the necessary plant and equipment to supply district heating and cooling to the entire redevelopment site, which is planned to consist of those phases currently occupied (phase 1 and 2), those in construction (phases 3 & 4A) and future (phases 4, 5, 6 & 7).


The overall size of the MEC plant & circulation area is approx. 6350m². It is approximately rectangular and located between the north east and north west loading bays from B3 level at -6.0m SSL, to underside of the external structure supporting ground level above.


The district heating system design consists of gas fired Combined Heat & Power Units (CHPs) and gas fired boilers which utilise thermal stores between primary and secondary pump circuits to optimise the running hours of the CHP’s to ensure >70% heat contribution from CHP’s in line with the energy strategy for development. 


Key Challenges:

  • Complex Basement Structure

  • Plant Replacement Strategy via landscape areas


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iM2 Role: Principal Designer Advisor

Project Team:

Battersea Power Station Development Company

Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Buro Happold

Chapman BDSP


Vital Energi

Start Date: September 2013

Completion: April 2021

Value: (£) 39.9M

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