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Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership

Project Description:


Cambridge University have commissioned a full refurbishment of No 1 Regent Street. The plan for the project is a full strip out of everything except the central core, including all walls, raised floors and floor finishes, ceilings as well as windows, doors, all MEP installations and associated works. 

The refurbishment will provide a high quality, well-managed modern workspace which aims to maximise daylight and the interior layout to enhance wellbeing of occupants. The main driver behind the design was to have a building that achieved the highest standards of sustainability with a minimal carbon footprint. This is to be achieved by reusing materials where possible, maximise the use of insulation, carry out a complete MEP installation using the most efficient equipment as well as PV’s and replace the windows with the most energy efficient.

Material are, where possible sourced form sustainable sources. The project is to achieve BREEAM excellence.

Key Challenges:

Listed buildings


Unknown services

Minimal external space


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iM2 Role: Principal Designer & Client Advisor

Project Team:



Sector: Refurbishment

Start Date: March 2019

Completion: Ongoing

Value: (£) 6.5m

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