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WestFiled Block C, London

Project Description:


The Proposed Development forms part of the wider Westfield, Shepherds Bush Shopping Centre. It sits adjacent to the Westfield Shopping Centre on a parcel of fallow land. The completed project will comprise of up to 1100 residential homes (T.B.C) and 1500 meter squared of commercial space.

The buildings have been arranged to create a large 1.2 acre central landscaped park which is placed above the existing TFL bus layover.  Nine blocks, each with their own core, are arranged to maximise the size of the park, minimise north facing units and optimise the internal quality of the accommodation.


Key Challenges:

  • Multi phased development.

  • High rise construction. 

  • Developing a robust access and maintenance strategy. 

  • Plant replacement.

  • Works connecting to a live bus station

  • Fire strategy 


Should you wish to know more about our role on Large Mixed Use projects, please contact

iM2 Role: Principal Designer Advisor

Project Team:

Westfield Group

Glenn Howells




Sector: Residential / Commercial Office

Start Date: April 2022 

Completion: July 2022

Value: (£) Confidential

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