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NHS Peterborough City Hospital

Project Description:


Peterborough City Hospital, part of the North West Anglian NHS Foundation Trust have an ongoing plan for modernising and remodelling several parts of the Hospital. This will provide more efficiency from the existing rooms and also expand by making use of external areas to provide additional facilities through the installation of modular buildings.

All works are undertaken in a live hospital environment without impacting or compromising the functionality of the hospital. Some of the projects include –

o New MRI Scanners.
o 2 X modular office building.
o Upgrading 4 bedrooms to 5.
o M&E upgrades.
o Security door controls.
o Splitting large rooms into several smaller ones.

o General refurbishments.


Key Challenges:

  • Live Hospital environment.

  • Ensuring no interruptions to live M&E installations.

  • Logistics and movements through the building.

  • Time critical construction


Should you wish to know more about our role in Healthcare projects, please contact

iM2 Role: Principal Designer

Project Team:

IBI Group


Various design consultants

Sector: Healthcare 

Start Date: August 2020

Completion: Ongoing

Value: (£) Ongoing

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