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Royal Arsenal Gatehouse, London

Project Description:


Gort Scott Architects have been appointed to design the refurbishment of the Royal Arsenal Gatehouse, internally and externally to ensure that it delivers a more functional space for the tenants using it and also that it integrates with a wider RBG scheme to re-design the Woolwich public realm and the Beresford Square.

Following submission of Stage 2 proposals it was decided that the design will progress with an integrated food and beverage, minor alterations to the first-floor accommodation and some further space to be used by local businesses. 

Key Challenges:

  • Façade renovation 

  • High level window cleaning

  • Structural adaptations

  • Listed building extension

  • Roof level access for plant maintenance 

  • Working close to the tube / railway stations

  • Coordination with the other construction projects in the public realm


Should you wish to know more about our role on Commercial projects, please contact

iM2 Role: Principal Designer Advisor

Project Team:

Royal Borough of Greenwich

Gort Scott


OR Consulting


Sector: Commercial Office – Listed building refurbishment

Start Date: Dec 2022

Completion: Dec 2023

Value: (£) 2.5m

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